[Fento] in this white wine, made principally with Treixadura, Loureiro blanco and Albariño, each variety provides different nuances to the wine and make Fento an elegant, complex wine with an enveloping, fresh palate. It is a blended white wine made in the Condado sub-area of the D.O. Rías Baixas.

Rías Baixas Location and climate: A beautiful green area, Rías Baixas has been likened to a vision of the Garden of Eden. The cool, damp climate is dominated by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean; however, there are varying micro-climates within the five different designated sub-zones of the region.

Condado do Tea sub-zone:  “Tea County” is named after the river Tea, a tributary of the Miño River. Located in a fairly mountainous area along the Miño, this is the second largest sub-zone. The most inland, it is a warmer, drier area, with an average temperature of 15º C that can soar to 40º C during the summer. Soils contain granite and slate.

The common fern, Fento in Galician, spends its life there where it has its roots. Like people from this area, where the Atlantic air penetrates deeply and accompanies everything that happens.

Fento Wines

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