Bico da Ran

Bico da Ran

[Bico da Ran] is made with grapes from the best vineyards of Salnés. The grapes are harvested in the morning to retain maximum aroma and freshness. The must drained is cold fermented using yeasts that highlight the primary varietal aromas. Once complete, the wine is cold stabilised and filtered to preserve the aroma and freshness. The wine is bottled at a winery in Meis, Pontevedra.

Rías Baixas: location and climate: In a beautiful green valley, Rías Baixas has been called the Garden of Eden. The cool and wet climate is influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, nevertheless there are various microclimates in the five sub-areas into which the Denomination of Origin is divided.

The sub-area of Valle del Salnés: this is the lowest area, with an altitude below 300m, near the sea and associated with the lower section the river Umia and its mouth at Cambados, which leads to the climatic characteristics of the Atlantic influence that result in mild temperatures and high precipitation that is well distributed, although diminishing in summer.

Bico da Ran
In Galicia the rivers do not reach the sea: it is the estuaries that reach the sea. One of these beaches lends its name to this wine, displaying the treasures of a nature more beautiful and vivid than ever.

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