[Xabre] is a coupage of the indiginous red varieties of Ríbeira Sacra, harvested at optimum maturity and condition in the Quiroga-Bibei sub-area.

Ribeira Sacra: The “Ribeira Sacra” is more a historical than geographic area.  It is in the north of the province of Ourense and south of the province of Lugo, on both sides of the river Sil from Quiroga to Os Peares and extends from this town along the Miño upstream to Portomarín.

Its name “Ribeira Sacra” means “sacred riverbank” and comes from the number of monasteries, hermitages and cenobia founded in this area since the VI century.

Xabre is made with grapes grown in the Quiroga-Bibei sub-area, in the municipality of Manzaneda, at an altitude, with vines planted on terraces.  The soils are rich and varied, sometimes sandy with abundant granite, sometimes with clay and slate, with a cool, Atlantic climate.

The earth was opened up so the rivers could reach the sea. The endless mountain slopes cover the churches, chapels, monasteries and coarse rows of vines. Sacred monuments.

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